Sunday, March 4, 2007

Wallpaper woes

We spent the weekend buying several thousand dollars of materials for one of our recent property acquisitions and removing wallpaper. I used some techniques recommended by Pete Youngs to open a contractor account at a wholesale window supplier and saved $1500 on the purchase of replacement windows over the Home Depot quote. So I quickly recovered the cost of the $250 I spent on EBay buying Pete's course. I also found that Lowe's has special project card accounts that you can open that provide no interest for 6 months. So we opened an account and bought other supplies.

The rest of the weekend we spent scrapping wall paper. We bought some wallpaper remover from Lowe's, but warm water worked better. Sherwin Williams had some wallpaper remover that seemed to work pretty well on most of the papers in the house. We got through several rooms with ease and then came to the entry. The paper was different than that in the rest of the house and did not seem to wet well. The previous owners seemed to have removed a large section of this same paper cleanly, but we could not. After several hours of scrapping we had succeeded in damaging the underlying drywall without removing most of the paper. So now I am contemplating putting new paper on or skim coating the wall with drywall mud. We also managed to stain the popcorn ceiling in the entryway as well with the wallpaper remover.

The wallpaper fiasco left us on a down note after what had been a productive weekend. Tomorrows another day and we have to inspect a house we signed a contract on last week. Also have a prospective buyer for the other house we are trying to wholesale. The next few months will be very busy as we try to rehab one house ourselves, use contractors to rehab a second house and market a third. I want to continue to use direct mail to find more houses and have 3 prospective houses we are working on.

My full time job is getting in the way of my part time business already.

Update: Textured paint comes to the rescue!

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