Saturday, May 23, 2009

Paul 4 - IRS 0

Well, the IRS struck out again in their quest to get more out of me through an audit. I've never been impressed by the knowledge of the auditors. They are friendly enough but I seem to always have to explain the tax laws to them.

Having your files organized and being able to document what you put on the tax form never ceases to impress an auditor. Must be that most people being audited don't have documentation.

Monday, May 18, 2009

To Hell with the Banks

I've always paid every credit card payment, every HELOC payment, every mortgage payment on time - for over 30 years now. Last summer the banks sent me multiple notices on every property eliminating my lines of credit, claiming that my properties were worth less (they weren't - property values continue to rise here)

In the last six weeks my two credit card companies have (without reason) tripled the interest rate on my cards. I have cancelled both cards. My credit score was excellent (over 750) but these banks have decided that those that make payments are going to bail out the looters that default on their credit cards. To hell with them. I will not pay another bank for credit card interest again.

Theives all of them

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Who is John Galt?

The events of the past 4 months have left me deeply concerned about the country. The looters are in charge and making their best play to steal the wealth of many individuals who have worked to build a prosperous life for themselves. Obama's theft of Chrysler from the bondholders in payment to the autoworkers is the most outrageous public criminal act I have ever seen. Next he'll be seizing my rental property and giving it to the tenants.

If you don't know the references, read Atlas Shrugged. I think that the stock market is in the midst of a suckers rally and the next plunge will be deeper than the last. Based on what is happening inside my company I am not optimistic in the least. And the constant theft of property is not going to encourage any investment any time soon.

At least there are some free market capitalists left - unfortunately they are in China!