Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Truth about Global Warming Scandal Comes out

A hacker has extracted hundreds of emails that show the enormous cover-up and dishonest science that global warming extremists have used to deceive the world. Link here

  • The emails suggest the authors co-operated covertly to ensure that only papers favorable to CO2-forced AGW were published, and that editors and journals publishing contrary papers were punished. They also attempted to “discipline” scientists and journalists who published skeptical information.
  • The emails suggest that the authors manipulated and “massaged” the data to strengthen the case in favor of unprecedented CO2-forced AGW, and to suppress their own data if it called AGW into question.
  • The emails suggest that the authors co-operated (perhaps the word is “conspired”) to prevent data from being made available to other researchers through either data archiving requests or through the Freedom of Information Acts of both the U.S. and the UK.
It's been my contention for as long as I have blogged here that this whole AGW stuff was complete nonsense. Now it appears that the perpetrators of this fraud were not brain-washed but only liars.

Al Gore - the most dishonest politician in America's history - may he face criminal prosecution!

Is this the smoking code?

Data without manipulation

For those curious about what "hide the decline" means

some historical perspective

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gold, the US$ and a Train Wreck

The price of g0ld has recently spiked over $1100 an ounce after sitting under $1000 for several months. Meanwhile the value of the US dollar has continued it's slide downwards. The Fed recently stated that they will continue with their easy money policy until unemployment starts to pick up. With unemployment likely to keep moving up, it means that the Fed will continue to flood the world with dollars.

What does this mean? Is this 1978 when gold will increase in price by a factor of 5 in 18 months and inflation soared to our highest levels? One can't but help to think that history is set for a repeat. If other commodities follow the price of gold, a second economic collapse might be in the offing.

The Fed is stuck between a rock and a hard place. They can't lower interest rates anymore. If they do the right thing (like Volcker - raise interest rates), it will hurt the current politicians as unemployment rises. If they do nothing, another massive bubble will blow up and create a train wreck bigger then we saw last year.

Goldman Sachs and the price of oil

The more I read about Goldman Sach, the more I see them as an evil company - the type of company that gives capitalism a bad name. Heres a story about how GS and some of the oil companies are manipulating oil futures markets

GS is making these "round trip" trades without actual oil ever exchanging hands. GS will sell an oil contract to BP and BP will sell the same contract back to GS. The price goes up, other traders see the high volume of trades and jump in, driving the price even higher.

Right now the world demand for oil is very low. Oil tankers are sitting full with no place to pump their cargo, yet the price still keeps going up.

The point of the futures markets was for companies to hedge against future prices increases or drops. Now an unregulated ICE outside the US has become a dark pool where insiders can drive up the price of oil to pad their outrageous bonuses.

Will the government investigate this? I doubt it. Paulson was from GS as well as Geithner. Sometimes, I feel like a crazy conspiracy theorist.