Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Home Wrecks

As I visit more and more people who are facing foreclosure, the picture of these people's lives gets clearer. It seems that people who have let their finances go are not just in chaos in one portion of their lives. Except for one house, the homes I go into are a total wreck. I don't mean that the homes need a little dusting or there are a few items scattered on the floor. I'm talking about piles of stuff that fills large dumpsters.

A home I purchased in February from a woman that had "moved out" took 6 people 12 hours to clear out. The pile of trash we left for the crew we hired to haul it away was 40' long by 20' wide and 6 feet high. I was in a house last night where a man whose wife had left him was living. Supposedly she had been gone 3 months. Beside cat and dog feces surprises over much of the floor, there was was literally no room to walk without stepping on piles of trash, clothing and who knows what. Some rooms I could not even enter - doors were blocked and beds were piled high with debris. The amazing part was that the mans' daughters were coming to spend the night! I have no idea where they could sleep, much less eat. There wasn't a square inch of clear space to sit, eat or cook in the house

These peoples lives are a mess and not just financially. I don't think this man created the mess by himself, as the children's bedrooms were equally trashed. I have to wonder what kind of environment these kids were being subjected to. The odd part is the man seemed most pleasant to talk with.

Oh, the one home that I went into that was clean - but the elderly woman who gambled away her home is probably mentally incompetent. When I call her, she refuses to talk because her phone is "tapped". And did you know that "they" have discovered a cure for cancer (but won't let ordinary people know) since no President has ever died of this disease?


Anonymous said...

I'm fascinated with your input on today's entry (20th). I'm curious given the homes you have entered, just how many homes in the states alone are in this kind of despair. You and/or other could make a small business of taking any kind of valuables and selling on ebay and yard sales.

Scott from Grapevine, TX.

Paul said...

Well, maybe....unfortunately most of it is pure trash, although my wife and kids always seem to find many treasures that they must bring home :)

LuckyLily said...

Have witnessed this first hand. Our last house (probate property) took three dumps of a 30 yard dumpster to clear out.