Friday, March 16, 2007

The Inconvenience of Starting a Business

I just read a great post at IWillTeachYouToBeRich - an interview with a person who quit her job to start a wine business. There were 2 take-aways from the interview that really struck me. Her statement that starting your own business is "inconvenient". I've talked often about diversifying beyond your job or stock market portfolio. The sad truth is that starting your own business is too inconvenient for most people to bother with.

The other idea I picked up from the interview was putting a sticky note on your computer of the ONE critical thing that you should focus on that day to make your business a success. As the interviewee notes, there's a million little things that need to be done every day when you are starting a business and there is no structure. If you are a disorganized person, this is a prescription for disaster. I use Evernote to make a "To Do" list every day, but have not prioritized the "ONE thing" that I need to make my business a success. It's an interesting idea that I think I will try.

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