Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Broken rules on spending

I splurged on something this weekend - not a normal pattern for me. I bought a 42" Samsung plasma HDTV and got the HD cable package. Since I cut my YMCA membership, this is revenue neutral from a monthly cash flow and I have 2 years interest free financing. I rarely watch TV at all, so my kids will get the most use out of it. I had been living with a 20 year old 21" TV forever.

Why did I buy it? Well, the best hockey team I have ever seen in my life time is about to enter the playoffs. Hockey doesn't mean much to 99% of the country but Buffalo is hockey crazy. I have been listening to Sabres hockey games on the radio all year and yet to see a game played on TV. I got a DVR so I can record the games and watch them after I come home from rehabbing my houses. I work a day job and then work until 10 renovating homes, so I feel this is a small reward for giving up the off-time most people have after work.

I don't know how this picture compares to other TV's but it looks beautiful to me. Was I wrong to buy this? I don't spend anything on entertainment and don't eat out, so maybe I'm too much of a miser. Life can't be all about work - right?

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