Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pete Youngs Estimating Course

I had written about how much valuable information I had gotten from Pete Youngs CD's and DVD's that I had bought on EBay.

I recently decided to purchase his estimating course directly from his website based on my previous experience. I have to say that I do not recommend you purchase this course. It is written at an eighth grade level and quite unhelpful. I doubt that Mr Youngs even wrote it. I have returned it and asked for a refund. Hopefully, he will oblige.

So far the best information out there that I have found for estimating the cost of rehab jobs is the RS Means book. I do have to double the prices quoted in my 2 year old book (probably because I'm in NY!) but it does give me a relative cost. It still is an area I need improvement in.

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