Thursday, February 22, 2007

Real Estate Course - Pete Youngs

I went to the local real estate investment club meeting and listened to Pete Youngs (I had searched for his web site under the wrong name of Pete Young before) speak. He is a general contractor that does a lot of rehabs. His web site is . I had bought his course on eBay but what I received was only about half of what his material really consists of. Of course, like most of these guru's he wanted "only" $997 for his complete course. One advantage to buying his course directly was that you receive free yearly updates. Since part of his material consists of updating pricing, this may have some real value.

I can say that the material I received has had excellent information on rehabbing and how to save money. It is certainly worth the $250 I paid for it and in truth, I could save many times the price of a $1000 course. I still feel that these guru's could sell more courses if they priced them correctly. No one has $1000 to cough up each month when a new guru comes to town to speak and sell their course.

Other courses I reviewed earlier can be found here.

I wonder how much these guru's make travelling around speaking to small investment groups. I don't think that Pete sold many copies of his course last month. He claims to speak 200 days per year which is a lot to be away from home. But I suppose if you sell 2 courses per speaking engagement times $1000 that's $400K per year which is mostly pure profit.

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Anonymous said...

I do not think it can be pure profit if he is traveling around. Hotel, airlines and car rentals. plus i think the place you see him gets money for their group from his sales. In addition, cost of the course to be made. I did invest the 997 and I have saved that many times over. He is a really funny guy and has coached me alot. Since I was a rookie his coaching by email and phone saved my butt. I agree some are over the top on price, but he was worth it