Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Chocolate Addiction

When I was in college I used to smoke cigarettes, but a lingering case of bronchitis got me to quit - although 35 years later I still crave the smell of nicotine. I drank a lot in college but never carried that habit on after graduation. I never got into drugs - my next door neighbor was shot to death running from police after he stole a TV to fund his heroin habit.

But one habit that I have never been able to break is my addiction to chocolate. This has been a lifelong addiction and I am convinced it is hereditary. My brothers all share in it and their children eat chocolate from the moment they wake in the morning until bedtime - so it's not all my fault ;)

Chocolate addiction is probably one of the worst habits to have if you want to break it. Unlike booze, it actually tastes good; unlike tobacco, your breath and clothes don't reek; you don't have to make your nose into a toxic cesspool nor your arms into pincushions as you do with cocaine or heroin. But like any addict, I covet my stash. I've got secret hiding places located at home and work that keeps my chocolate away from my kids and my wife. I cannot pass by a piece of cake, donut or brownie without trying to find a way to eat it, even when it's not mine. I'm not addicted to sweets - I can have a table of other treats sitting in front of me and not take a bite if there is no chocolate there.

Now some people claim that chocolate will make you fat. These are the novices. When you become a real chocolate addict, you no longer indulge in the fatty milk chocolate candies that ruin your health. If it's not at least 65% cocoa, you're missing out on the mother lode of indulgences. I'm sitting at my desk munching on an 85% cocoa bar at the moment - nirvana!

To rationalize my habit I quote articles about the health benefits of eating chocolate. It's also an anti-depressant. Heck, if the Cleveland Clinic is recommending it, it must be good for you :)

So, I make no effort to break this habit. In fact, I tell everyone I know how chocolate is my secret to my good health. If you repeat anything long enough, even you believe it.

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