Friday, February 2, 2007

Why Men don't go to doctors

A lot is written about why men don't go to doctor's as often as women will - like we're too macho or something. I can tell you why - they waste your time!!

My doctor wanted to do some more tests on me because I had lost some weight (I told him my wife had been away for a month, but that didn't phase him). So he had me take an expensive CAT scan and go to another appointment today. This was basically a CYA appointment so I wouldn't come back and sue him if I was really sick.

The appointment was scheduled at 12 for which I arrived promptly. Three hours later I got back to work after spending 60 seconds with the doctor. I complained about the long wait but his response was all the patients (meaning little old ladies) that took his time talking to him was the reason he was late. This was just a flimsy excuse for overbooking. I find this attitude so demeaning. The doctor's time is deemed to always be more valuable than the patients'.

My time is worth about $100 per hour. Including travel time this appointment cost me about $400. He wanted me to schedule another followup in May. Fat Chance. I will have to be at deaths door to go back!

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