Friday, February 2, 2007

Environmental Apocalyptical Religion

The press has been twittering non-stop all weekend about the "final" conclusions that Global Warming is undeniable and caused by us wretched humans interfering in the perfect world. The religious fervor of the proclamations is laughable and sad at the same time. I have often thought to myself that the those who extol the next major apocalypse (population explosions, famines, nuclear winter, global warming, ice ages, etc.), are nothing more than heretical religious extremists masquerading as "scientists". In fact, there is only enough science involved in their proclamations to fool most of the population - which is suffering from a science knowledge deficit.

At the American Thinker J.R Dunn begins an article titled A Necessary Apocalypse with this quote:

A man who ceases to believe in God does not believe in nothing; he believes in anything.
- G.K. Chesterton, Orthodoxy

Dunn's article is an excellent read, as is this one by Michael Crichton - Environmentalism as Religion. Both articles point out that those who are least likely to believe in a creator have somehow come up with their own version of creation. I think that this is a very insightful observation and have seen it up close at work.

I work in an R&D environment with many PhD's. I would say that a fair number are secular and have no belief in a God. One woman in particular I have lunch with every day is a bright chemist who, when discussing chemistry is logical, calm and brilliant in her analysis. However, when the subject of Global Warming comes up, she becomes unhinged. She cannot discuss any aspect logically or unemotionally at all. (Mind you, I do not argue with the woman but will just point out a flaw in her thinking.) After a minute or two she will jump up and leave the table unable to talk. Her actions are just like those one would expect from a cultist, not a scientist.

I am a trained Six Sigma Black Belt, which means I have studied statistics and data most of my 29 years as an Engineer. So, I am naturally skeptical when people try to squelch discussion about scientific theories and label other scientists who disagree as "deniers". This is not science, but religion. I have written a couple of posts about this subject Straight Line Thinking and New Ice Age. Maybe global warming could even be a good thing. Vote for Global Warming.

The irony of these secular zealots is that they do much more harm than good. The loss of life in Africa due to the ban on DDT is a crime of massive proportions in my opinion. Rachael Carson ought to be despised not worshipped. And then there are the myriad of celebrities jetting around in their private jets and limousines contributing more to the supposed "global warming crisis" in one trip than any one of us regular folks in a lifetime. CO2 Emissions of Private Jets. One unique attribute of leaders of cults is that they consider themselves above the uneducated masses.

I love debating scientific ideas and data with anyone. But environmental zealots have chosen to drink the kool-aid of their religion and disagreement with their beliefs is not up for debate. As a society we have much more urgent needs to solve world problems then worry about whether the temperature of the earth will rise 0.1 degree C during the next 50 years. Aids, Islamist fascism, mad dictators suppressing people throughout the entire continent of Africa and other problems far exceed the loss of a glacier (which will probably return in greater extremes in the future).

Some blame religion for most of the wars and deaths, but in fact, it is heresies like environmentalism, Marxism and Islamism that are responsible for most deaths. That is, the rejection of the true religion.

Or just have a laugh with Mark Steyn - Fickle Science

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