Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Getting Multiple Quotes

I mentioned yesterday that I had been trying to get a new boiler installed to replace the 60 year old one in my Cheektowaga rehab. All the quotes had been around $4k which I could not understand since I had gotten a quote for $1150 for the boiler itself.

Pete Youngs had recommended that you get 3 quotes and then take the lowest quote and get more quotes using the lowest as the starting point. I usually give up after getting only one or two quotes but finally decided to keep trying since I could not fathom why it cost so much to get a boiler installed.

I finally found a contractor that was willing to go through step by step all the work that needed to be done with me and his quote ended up $1500 cheaper than any other. Between getting contractor discounts and using multiple quotes Pete has probably saved me $7k on this job alone. I guess his course was worth the price!

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