Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

  • environmentalists are part of the group of people that want us out of Iraq, yet they are most opposed to energy solutions that would reduce the need for us to be in the Middle East like nuclear plants and drilling in ANWR
  • the biggest anti-global warming leaders are the most likely to use the most energy in their mansions and flying around the world in private jets
  • The National Organization of Women(NOW) screams about the slightest offense from men here but says nary a word about the way Muslims treat their women (stoning them to death, genital mutilation, etc.). Political correctness trumps real suffering.
  • Speaking of political correctness - it seems that it will be the downfall of Western civilization. We allow people to incite hate in the name of freedom of religion and are soon going to be too afraid to speak up about anything
  • Lawyers are the root cause of a lot of this fear. There's no defense against a lawsuit except to spend a lot of money no matter how innocent you are.
  • People that think that global warming is the greatest threat to mankind are in the "denial" stage of life. There is nothing that could undermine our society more than having a nuclear device in the hands of suicidal terrorists
  • those who are always attacking the salaries of corporate CEO's say nary a word about the exorbitant incomes of athletes or movie stars. Who really adds more value to the country? How many protest the inherited income of Ted Kennedy?
  • young people who are idealistic are often Marxists in philosophy usually grow up and become successful capitalists, except for the 60's generation, which became rich Marxists bent on keeping the power & wealth to themselves
  • people that think we can deal with evil regimes by being nice and having talks are more naive than 2 year olds
  • people that think abortion is legal should look into the eyes of my 3 adopted children and tell them to their face. One was conceived as a result of a rape - did she deserve to die? I thank God for the young girls that chose life

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wow - well said