Monday, May 7, 2007

House nearly done

Well, after a weeks "vacation" of working 14-16 hours a day to finish rehabbing our Cheektowaga house, I'm back at work. I don't think I've ever worked so hard before. Work will be like a vacation now.

The house is about 98% complete and looks really great. We had 3 couples knock on our door over the weekend wanting to see the house and a "We Buy Houses" sign in front has attracted callers as well. I worried whether we could recover our investment because there were few comparable's and it was difficult to imagine getting good price. But now that people are seeing the house I feel quite confident that we can make at least $20k in profit.

Last week I refinished wood floors for the first time and also installed ceramic tiles first time as well. Both jobs came out looking great. I could not figure out how to cut a square notch in a tile without shattering it with the tile nippers, so we ended up making straight cuts and piecing tiles together around the outlets. With the grout in place it looks OK.

I'm still waiting to get a new hot water boiler installed. I'm not sure what costs so much to put one in. The boiler itself only costs $1100 but the quotes I've gotten have been around $4k. I've installed forced air furnaces and there's not much to that job, but I haven't tackled a boiler. Maybe it's about time. I think the problem here is the stranglehold the plumbers union has here in NY. I think I am correct that PVC is still not approved for water lines here.

Our goal is to have the house on the market within 2 weeks. Hope it sells quickly.

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