Saturday, May 12, 2007

House Rehab Completed!

Finally, after 85 days of non-stop work we have finished the rehab of our Cheektowaga house! It's the largest rehab I have ever done. Open house is advertised for next Sunday. There's still some cleaning to do inside which my dear wife will have to handle since I will be traveling on business all week. You can read details at of all the features.

The house came out really nice and we are hoping to sell it for over $200K. We are going to start at $225K which is only $80/sq ft. Hope to get some feedback at the open house and then will take a stab at listing it at a flat fee listing service if the FSBO doesn't work quickly.


Tony said...

Man, houses like this make me want to leave California. I live in northern California in a 2500 sq ft house that could sell for $550,000. I have over $200k in equity right now. We are in a mid level neighborhood with a backyard that is 90 ft wide and 20 ft deep.

Sometimes I forget how the rest of the world is living.

Congrats on finishing the rehab. Hope the next one is easier!

Paul said...

Yes houses are cheap here. This one is assessed at $162k. The downside is taxes are over $8k for this house and appreciation is very low here.