Monday, April 16, 2007

Take Down of Conspiracy Kooks

Last week I had written about Rosie O'Donnell and the conspiracy kooks she represents. I found a great post today at a site called EjectEjectEject that takes down several of the prominent conspiracies including the 9/11 "hoax". The author says that these people are "too stupid to know they are stupid".

To a certain degree this is true, but it goes beyond that. I feel that people that buy into this type of crap (after being given the chance to hear the truth) must have some kind of mental dysfunction. For whatever reason they have given up all their personal power and attribute the government with unimaginable power to control the truth. In order for this to be true the government must have the power to control and silence millions of people who witness events. Even George Orwell's 1984 government did not have that much power and omniscience.

So why would a sane person give such god-like powers to an institution that is by its nature inefficient and incompetent? Only a god (or Satan) could pull off the hoaxes the conspiracy theorists attribute to the government. Have these people created in their mind a god out of government? If they dismiss logic and reason in favor of giving government god-like powers then I can only conclude, not as a put down but as a concern, that they suffer from some kind of mental illness.

It really troubles me that such a large portion of the population is beginning to buy into large conspiracy theories. I'm sure some is just ignorance, but too many reject reason altogether and bodes ill for the mental health of this country.

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