Monday, April 2, 2007

The April Fools Joke is on me

Previously I had posted on installing replacement windows in one of the properties I am rehabbing. It was my first venture into installing windows and I had measured the vertical dimension incorrectly, requiring me to trim 1/8" from every window.

After installing 21 windows, I had a system down pat to install them and was getting full of myself thinking how good I was getting at this job ( I can put a window in in under 25 minutes now!)

Sunday I got ready to install the last 3 windows in the living room. I cut the windows down, hauled them into the house and opened the curtain - only to see 2 wide windows!!!

I spent the night beating myself up - I have no idea how I ordered 3 narrow windows where 2 wide windows sit. I know I measured the vertical dimension because these are the tallest windows (66"). Somehow I thought that every window in the house was the same width (the other 21 were) and just assumed the same for these. So I made a $400 mistake and feel like a fool. The old adage about assuming something (When you assume something you make an ass of u and me) certainly applies to me and I have been eating humble pie that last few hours.


Anonymous said...

Paul, don't beat yourself up too badly. We just had a $750+ window fiasco last month; my husband figured his measurements were better than the handyman's. Ooops! You live and learn.

Paul said...

Thanks - maybe we can trade windows :)