Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Best Real Estate Advice

Some have written and asked why I rarely write about real estate now. The reason is that there is not much to write about. All of my properties are always full and I get above market rental income. How I did it is detailed in Rent to Own.

So what have I been doing? Building a website with all of my real estate information in one place. It's something that I had wanted to do for a long time. I have always thought that the $2000 courses that real estate guru's teach is way overpriced and wanted to share that information free.

So for the best free real estate advice website go to Investing in Rental Property.

How did I create that website? Visit SBI and find out for yourself. It was fun and relatively easy to do it.

Some also ask why I write on political stuff. The answer is simple - there is no bigger danger to the efforts any entrepreneur may face then government intervention. The success of people in the US is based on property rights. Any thing that the government does to undermine property rights erases the work that I do. Whether it is imposes massive tax increase based on the hysteria of global warming or the attempt to create a single payer government run health care system. It all undermines my work - putting a gun to my head and stealing my money.

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Hi Paul, really like your blog