Monday, July 20, 2009

You're a right wing nut job if....

  • you believe creating trillions of dollars in new debt will not save us from going bankrupt
  • you think that the free market would provide better health care than the government run options
  • you think that punishing US energy consumers with higher prices is a bad idea given that India and China won't reduce carbon output
  • you don't think that Bush was Hitler II
  • you think it is wrong to screw bond investors at GM and Chrysler while rewarding the Unions
  • you don't believe Obama is "almost a god"


Ro Bert said...

What happened to your writing about your real estate (ad)ventures and personal finance? With politics, you're just another knife in the drawer that is already overfilled.
You had some really fingernail-biting stuff going on--what happened? Did you sell everything and retire to Switzerland?

Paul said...

I've put all my efforts into

My houses are all filled and don't create any issues

Anonymous said...

I am trying to understand your beef with our president so let me see if I have this straight. You sold off your investments at the bottom of the market in May because you think O is a commie. What happened? The market has rebounded.

Now rather than realizing your mistake and taking responsibility for it, you fret and vent about what O will do to further ruin your finances...when in fact he has done nothing to ruin them to begin with. YOU are the one that panicked in May (your words).

Yes, I am aware of many other problems including unemployment but he took office in Jan. Did you expect everything fixed by May? You do realize he inherited one hell of a mess, don't you?

Now, me...I had a little faith so I hung in there and things are looking up in my retirement acct. I am not nearly as smart or as well-informed as you in finances but that is just good judgment and it worked for me because I don't let the crazies get to me.

Good luck with the real estate but given your past, I'd be worried. We often think we operate rationally when in fact, humans operate instinctively and emotionally (that's why mathematicians are constantly botching the market predictions). So you really need to strengthen those parts of your brain to go along with your financial knowledge or you will repeat your mistakes and given your ideological personality, you will get all up in arms about liberals once again. A lot of good it will do you once your money is gone.

Good luck with your real estate.

Paul said...

I still think Obama and the socialists in Congress will ruin the economy in the US

I am not blaming him for my timing decisions in the stock market - I suck at investing

As for the excuse that Obama was left with a mess - I think that is denial. The stimulus is not stimulating and his policies are creating more uncertainty in the market. Just like FDR he will make a bad recession a depression.

And this post has nothing to do with Obama or his policies - it has to do with the stupid leftist rhetoric that trials to make everyone that disagrees with the Messiah as a bad person

Anonymous said...

Me again... I don't think there is anything remotely socialist about the US and I doubt their ever will be. I guess I am interpreting the word a little differently than you though. Good luck with the real estate.

Paul said...

Socialism: a political theory advocating State ownership of business

Fannie Mae

Not the least bit Socialist???

Anonymous said...

Lets put GM aside for a second because that is a case onto itself.

For the rest, do you seriously think the feds have any interest in "owning" any of these companies? There is a big difference in what happened under Bush (and later Obama) and Hugo Chavez or Castro.) Right or wrong, those infusions of money were intended to prevent an economic global meltdown...and it worked. Under these circumstances, many economists were advocating a national takeover of the banking system until it could all be stabilized and then sold back to private hands. That's not socialism. That's called preventing depression v2. I'm beginning to think you can't see the forrest for the trees.

Paul said...

We'll see

I suppose the government really didn't want to own Amtrak

and the government really doesn't want to take over the health care industry

I see nothing but government intrusion into the private sector

And everything is being done to "save the..."
-free market
-globe from the disaster of global warming
-auto industry

Never let a good crisis go to waste - governement will save us from everything!