Thursday, October 18, 2007

New House

It's looks like I will be buying a new house in the next 60 days. I had a seller accept an offer of $269,000 on a 3200 sq ft contemporary home in my town. The seller had paid $290k for the house and had upgraded the kitchen and put on a new roof. The house is assessed for $339k.

After 9 months on the market and moving to Arizona they became one of the desperate sellers that you read about. The seller had dropped the price from $350k to $290k and had 3 interested parties. We all put in offers, surprisingly, the offers were all around $265k. We had included $5k in seller concessions and our offer was rejected initially. But we upped our offer to $270k without concessions and no one else was willing to raise their offer, so we got the house.

The plan is to rent out our existing house. Maybe a "rent-to-own" offer might work. There are few properties for rent in our town as it is quite desirable to live in. I think that we can still extract more value from our existing home by doing some upgrades. The new house also has potential for upgrades to add value.

At any rate, my wife (who has been unhappy with our current home since we married) is overjoyed with the new house.


Anonymous said...

beautiful paul. The NJ B's.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful House. The NJ B's

rentals "R" us said...

That is a beautiful place,