Monday, October 8, 2007

Another last desperate attempt to sell property

While I was putting out signs for an open house at my Cheektowaga property the neighbor walked over and handed me a book titled How to Sell Your Home in 5 Days. After reading through it I decided to give it a try on the Buffalo property that I bought in February. I haven't had so much as a looker for months now, I tried to auction it off on eBay with no bidders, so what the heck.

The steps given by the book:
  • place an add a week before the sale date in local papers (I put ads in Craigslist as well as weekly and daily papers)
  • price it lower than you might want to sell it for
  • hold open houses so potential buyers can inspect the property on Saturday and Sunday
  • Have a bid sheet at the open houses so that the buyers can place a bid on the property and everyone can see the bids
  • call bidders on Sunday evening and do a "round-robbin" bidding, calling each successive bidder and see if they want to raise their bid
  • sell house to highest bidder

So, I am going to try to sell this house on the 21st of October.

I had an open house for the Cheektowaga home this weekend. I had 15 people look at it (that's 13 more than the Realtors showed in 2 months while they had it listed!). Every one loves the house- no one wants to pay @$%# Cheektowaga's taxes.

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