Thursday, June 21, 2007

Something real to worry about

I used to read Rumi who practised Sufi Islam - a very peaceful sect of Islam. The works of Rumi are quite spiritual in my opinion and if the world practised this religion we would live in an idyllic world. An article yesterday by Tony Blankley reviews a book by a Muslim scholar who has gone around the world interviewing Muslims about their attitudes. The book he wrote "Journey into Islam" is extremely depressing due to the shift in attitude by a majority of Muslims towards an aggressive, hostile belief system.

Various surveys have indicated anywhere from 25-35% of male Muslims under the age of 30 are proponents of suicide bombing (the low number is in the US). Our President is deluded if he really thinks that today's Islam is a "religion of peace". It is nothing of the sort. The left is deluded because they think that Muslims can be reasoned with. Militant fanatics cannot be reasoned with any more than Hitler could be.

If the Muslim world was an isolated desert we could probably ignore it. However, it sits on most of the worlds oil. Environmentalists have hamstrung us by limiting drilling in the US, opposing nuclear and coal plants as well as oil refineries.

So is a economic disaster or global war inevitable? Nothing is inevitable, but it worries me a lot more than any 1 degree rise in global temperatures.

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