Thursday, June 28, 2007

Chinese game our immigration system and one child policy

My wife reads lots of stories on China and I found one quite interesting in light of the current debate on immigration. It seems that as China's middle and upper class grows, these people have found a way around China's "one child" policy. Since entrepreneurship is way up in China, most successful Chinese start their own businesses. So, it is pretty easy to get a business visa to the US for most middle class citizens. Men are setting up their pregnant wives in business and they are coming to the US, giving birth and returning to China. Since the child was born in the USA it is an American citizen and not subject to Chinese laws. Of course, if the Chinese couple later decides they want to return to live in the US they have an instant loophole - their children are Americans!

Quite an ingenious use of our citizenship and immigration laws.


Anonymous said...

You can get a permanent residence in US because you have a child born here only if you wait until your kid is 18 so he/she can sponsor you.
I don't think this is the plan in 99.9999999% of cases.

Paul said...

maybe not the plan but certainly easier to travel and live here. It is near impossible to get a visa for entry to US from China for other than business. Been trying to get my wife's parents here for a long time to visit