Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Network Marketing Amway

As someone who has searched for "home based businesses" on the web, I am on a zillion mailing lists for network marketing businesses and various chain letters. Of course, most are nothing but pyramid schemes and a waste of money. I tried one once, spending $200 and received about $12 in return. I received an invitation today that was an exact duplicate of the original Ponzi Scheme.

I was involved with one of the first network marketing companies for about 10 years starting in the early 80's - Amway. I was able to achieve a moderate level of success (Direct Distributer) but not much profitability. I know many people who quit that business have lots of bad things to say but even though I spent (or shall I say invested) thousands of dollars more than I earned, I thought the experience was a really positive one. I loved the seminars and rally's, especially the large events in coliseums held by a Dexter Yeagar. Got to see many famous speakers (including President Reagon), performers and heard many inspiring success stories. I made acquaintance with many very wealthy people. Their success was undeniable and I don't believe it had anything to do with luck. The experience fundamentally converted me from a socialist/leftist/atheist to a right wing capitalist/churchgoer. I even thought the products were first rate.

So why didn't I achieve the wild success that I thought possible when I first saw the marketing plan? I can only blame myself. My personality is not outgoing - I loath small talk and just could not interact one-on-one with people. I really do not make friends easily. I think success in that business required work, investment and people skills.

It's easy to assign blame for our failures but tough to look in the mirror. That opportunity was not the right one for me. Hopefully, real estate will be. I won't have to make friends with sellers or buyers. It's been a long time since I was involved with Amway. I wish those that participate the best.


sim said...

It's a good experience, the MLM marketing is the one of the best marketing system, which will go easily to the people and educate them ,now-a-day's most of the products are selling through the network marketing , i believe that in near feature network marketing is the a best deal for all network marketing

Robert Karlos said...

Amway no doubt is one of best Network marketing companies. it has a strong customer base too. Network marketing is not so simple. its all about trusting and persuading others.

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