Friday, March 20, 2009

Another IRS audit

I'm beginning to think that there is an IRS conspiracy against rental property owners. I've received another notification for an IRS audit of my rental properly documents. This will be the 4th time I have been audited.

I'm not really worried about this. Three previous audits ended in no change and one gave me additional refund. But it is a pain to have to spend 3 hours with an auditor.

I wonder if the IRS tax cheat in chief (Geithner) will be audited as much as I have been?


Robert said...

Based on anecdotal evidence, once you are an audit candidate, prepare to be again, whether you have any extra payment due or changes to your transcript. I assume this is a paper audit and not up close and personal. If personal, and if it bothers you, maybe you should seek a professional opinion of your accounting.

Paul said...

This is another up close and personal audit as have been 2 others. Not bothered by the up close and personal aspect just the waste of time while dozens of politicians avoid taxes completely.