Friday, August 15, 2008

Whiny Blacks

While I was away on vacation I did not answer my voice mail to check for calls. About 30 people left messages, many several times. One woman called about 6 times. After I did not return two calls she started leaving more and more hostile calls accusing me of being a racist. Some were quite vulgar.

This type of behavior is so sad. It seems that many blacks believe that when something is lest than perfect, it must be about race. I'm not sure if these people have super low self esteem or just developed a sense of entitlement that they deserve special treatment. I find many of Obama's whines about race repulsive. I think he is using guilt as a political tool. Maybe this woman was as well.

The experiences that I've had dating a black woman in college and adopting a black child 15 years ago have led me to believe that most of the racism in this country today is in the minds of blacks - not in reality.

I don't think electing Obama is going to solve any racial problems in this country. In fact, I think it may just create more whiny blacks.


MWorrell said...

I read an article not long ago that detailed how black Africans who come to America from African nations typically (or, more accurately, statistically) do not experience the discrimination commonly cited by African Americans who grow up here. In fact, they succeed at rates similar to Asians and other minority groups.

Paul said...

Funny....most of the comments I am getting are people whinning about "subtle" rascism. Q.E.D. as we used to write in math class. Everything as seen through their eyes is rascist.

At the same time the overt black rascism that exists in a Jeremiah Wright or Obamas ads is ignored. At these whinners tell me that electing Obama will end rascism.

HA! HA! Now that is funny.