Friday, August 15, 2008

Bad Tenants vanish while I'm away

While I was away on vacation my MIA tenants reappeared at my Cheektowaga house after being away for two months. They took about half of their stuff and left me a mess. They didn't leave any of the $3500 that they owed me behind. They wouldn't leave the mail man a forwarding address and the utility company didn't want to switch the power back on unless I put up a security deposit, so I guess they screwed everyone and don't want to be found.

Fortunately, with the security deposit and option money I had collected, I am not out anything. I put up a "rent to own" signs and have had 50 calls already. Hopefully I can do another lease-option before the end of the month, otherwise I'll be borrowing against credit cards to pay the mortgage.

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