Friday, May 23, 2008

A Global Warming Report with Perspective

Fred Singer is a well regarded professor and expert on climate. This paper when read without the religious bias of the earth worshippers can provide perspective on how phony the climate change claims of Pope Gore are.

A key point:

Fortunately, there is a method that can be used to check on whether the observed warming is anthropogenic. It relies on comparing the observed pattern of warming with the one calculated from GH models. Essentially we try to see if the “fingerprints” match. The fingerprint is the pattern of warming, that is, the rate of warming at different latitudes and altitudes. Greenhouse warming should give increasing rates as one goes from the surface up into the atmosphere -- peaking at about 10 kilometers, where the rate of increase is about a factor of two greater than the surface rate, and quite pronounced in all the models.

The observed pattern, however, does not show any increase at all; in fact, the data from balloon-borne radiosondes show a slight decrease over the equator. Evidently, the observed and calculated fingerprints don’t match, indicating that the human contribution to current warming is insignificant, too small to be discerned. The cause of warming must therefore be natural, either an internal oscillation of the atmosphere-ocean system, or an external effect, perhaps stemming from the Sun.

The recent revelation that sea buoys have not detected any warming but cooling also boast the magnitude of the hoax the environmentalists are forcing on us to drive up gas prices and destroy our standard of living.

Of course, why let data get in the way of your religious beliefs.

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