Sunday, December 9, 2007

Moving week

Well, this week we will be moving to a new house and am putting up our existing house as a "Rent to own" purchase. I'm not sure if the Christmas season will slow shoppers, but I've had three calls since I put out the sign Saturday. With this rent to own concept it seems that all I need is a sign. The $1000+ that I have spent advertising in papers has not yielded a single buyer and amounts to about 1% of the inquiries about the properties I have used this concept on (4 in total now).

The tenant at my trash property has been tearing the place up and seems to be pretty competent at fixing up properties. But he has uncovered some defects that neither of us saw. It seems that the roof has had a leak on one side for some time. When he tore the bath room wall off the interior of the outside wall was soaking wet. He tracked it down to a roof leak, found huge ant nests in the walls and lots of rotten wood. The property is probably worth even less now in its current state and now that we know the condition of the roof (it was very hard to access since the adjoining house is only 5 feet away).

I've fallen off blogging over the last few months for a couple of reasons. My work load at my job has been incredible the last few months due to being assigned to 2 high value Six Sigma projects. I've also been in a funk due to the inability to sell my rehab. But fortunately, thanks to the prodding of one of my readers, I have that house rented out now and feel considerably better. After moving and putting my current home in shape to lease-purchase I expect to get back on track.

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