Sunday, December 9, 2007

The great mortgage bailout

Our politicians seem hellbent on making the country one great nanny state. The Presidents proposal to bail people out is just the latest example. Here in NY they want to keep us from smoking, eating trans-fats and taking any responsibility for our lives. Fools and speculators have driven up the prices of homes in major markets and now someone has to pay the piper. It's always the politicians solution to make all of the prudent people pay for the crooks, fools and speculators irrational behaviour. People have been speculating since the great tulip bubble in Holland hundreds of years ago and someone gets burnt. Hell, I bought into the stock market in late 1999 and lost a lot of money. I didn't sue anyone or call my Congressman to get my money back. Instead, I kicked myself for my stupidity and learned a lesson. If people lose their houses because they took out liar loans, why should I pay (and I will, as will you)?

I wish politicians would let the free market take care of itself.

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