Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Short Sales - Banks and Sellers

I've had about 10 short sale opportunities this year and decided to do a look back at the results (name is street name). None of these sellers had any equity in their homes (although the Tiffany owner thought he did until I got the payoff from his bank):
  • Nicholson - three loans against this property. A perfect setup for a short sale. The third lien holder (owed $16k) would not do a discount. The first 2 were foreclosing and the third did not have a clue since the seller continued to pay them all throughout the foreclosure. The third bought the property and has it for sale. Exterior looked good on this property and BPO appraiser only did a drive-by. Interior was a wreck.
  • Warwick - seller owed $40k, property worth less than $15k and but bank wouldn't accept less than $30k.
  • Roslyn - two loans $67k and $5k from same bank. The bank just wanted to walk away from this, but when they found a buyer they decided they were going to get some money. Bought for $5k from bank. For sale for $19k with no offers after 5 months.
  • Hunting - two loans $146k and $40k. Second bank took $2500 for their $40k and I paid first $15k in fees to reinstate the first. Rehabbed and for sale at $219k.
  • Knox - One loan of $64k. Offered bank $47k but they would not take less than $52K. On market by bank at $74k with no interest per Realtor
  • Monroe - one loan of $179k. BPO came in at $154 and bank was willing to take $142k. I offered $135k but bank wouldn't budge. Just went at auction. BPO showed house did not need repairs but appraiser missed lots of stuff. Maybe could have gotten BPO lower if I had been there. Negotiations went down literally the last hours before the auction.
  • Randall#1 - One loan of $117k property worth less than $80k. Seller backed out after wife refused to sign papers
  • Randall#2 (interestingly 2 foreclosures next door to each other). One loan of $150k. Property is worth about $125k. Seller stalled for 3 months claiming husband wouldn't let her do sale (despite her saying husband is not on deed??). She just received notice of court date and now wants to proceed.
  • Tiffany - great house in my area. Two mortgages - ideal for a short sale. Seller has stalled for several months. Not sure if drinking or depression is to blame but he suffers from both. This is an interesting property because seller stopped paying mortgage March 2006!. He paid $1800 to stop foreclosure and the company did, but the bank re-filed this year. Seller was under the delusion that he had lots of equity in his house but he owes over $40k in back interest and fees so he is upside down.
  • Stockbridge - one mortgage of $45k. Property is trash and worth less than $10k. Bank won't go below $45k.

It's been an interesting process to learn so far, but I haven't seen any logic in how banks decide when to accept an offer or not. Some loan mitigation personnel are much more helpful while others are very hard nosed. I've got the process down to a "T" and feel pretty good when negotiating with a bank. But to make a living at this would be pretty hard in this location based on my response and success rate.

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