Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sell This House - Realistic?

I've been concentrating on staging my Cheektowaga house lately and while searching for the TV show "Flip that house" I found the show "Sell This House" an hour earlier on A&E. Interestingly, the house that was covered last Saturday was located in Orchard Park, NY - the town next to the one I live in. Orchard Park is one of the 2 nicest suburbs in the Buffalo area and unless a house is overpriced, homes there will sell about as fast as anywhere in Western New York. The house on the show hadn't sold in 18 months on the market, so (obviously) it had to do with "home staging" - the topic of the show. But, the show glossed over the main reason for the house not selling with little mention.

The show did provide some interesting insights into home staging. De-cluttering the sun room and the living room certainly helped. The main bedroom also needed to be rid of the flower theme as well, but the color they chose (lavender) seemed too bold from what I understand about staging. Otherwise, the painting and decorating they did seemed about right.

However, that being said the program glossed over the reason this house hasn't sold - the second floor is an apartment! The house looks like a single family home located in an area of nice single family homes. The type of people that live in OP are not interested in buying homes are looking for single family residential homes - not having a tenant live above them. This limits the potential buyers to a very small market segment. I've watched many of these homes and they do not sell in the better suburbs here. This type of arrangement is better suited to city dwellers. I think the best money that the homeowners could have spent was to convert the second floor to a large master suite.

As with "Flip This House" the show did not tell you the outcome of their makeover, but I doubt it helped much. I don't think a major flaw can be overcome by a coat of paint.

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