Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the Union Feb 2009

Obama will deliver his first State of the Union address today. So far the stock market is screaming "no confidence" in his plan as evidenced by the huge drop in stock market value since his election and the worst market in 113 years. My 401k is 50% of what is was at it's peak and I'm not sure how much lower it will go. For a 20 year old this is probably a great time to invest in stocks but not so much for people near retirement (what ever that is?!?)

My only solace is my real estate investments. Real property values continue to rise in the greater Buffalo region. Demand for my properties is high (using my Rent to Own methods). My only concern is what will happen to interest rates.

Right now interest rates are at historic lows. However, the government has expanded money supply so much that it will come back to bite us. Are we heading to the stagflation of the Carter years? My guess would be yes. Unfortunately, I have a mortgage and several HELOC's that are linked to the prime rate. Once inflation hits the FED will be forced to raise interest rates. And I don't think Obama is going to rescue the investor class anytime soon.

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