Monday, October 6, 2008

Third Quarter Net worth update

Well, like most people my net worth fell in the third quarter of this year. You can see the chart along the sidebar or at NetworthIQ. The primary reason for the drop is the loss of $30k in my 401k. Retirement is getting further away with each passing drop. Wish I were 30 and could take advantage of this market. After a long decade (in the 70's) the stock market came roaring back for nearly 30 years and made many people rich.

Fortunately, I live in a area of the country where real estate is actually appreciating, so at least I have one investment that is not being hurt (My REIT fund has been going down, so my 5 houses here are what is helping).

In terms of debt, I'm treading water at the moment - neither going down much nor increasing too much (most of the increase is due to increased appraisal of a home I own with my ex and my "debt" to repay her share)

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