Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Credit Crisis Hits Home

I've been using a lease-purchase method to keep my 4 houses filled during the past 2 years. The first people to purchase an option on the first house I had bought 2 years ago decided to buy another property. So I was able to re-lease the property and collect another option payment.

The second couple has been quite religious about paying their rent on time and counting their rent credits in the hopes of buying the house. Their option expires this month and they have been unable to obtain a loan. It looks like stricter borrowing rules from the banks are the culprit. They asked if they could have another year to figure out how to buy the house since they really like it. They seemed really despondent about the possibility that I was going to evict them.

So, I am debating how to structure another option. Do I give them credit for any money they paid or any of the rent credits they earned (my position) or start from scratch (my wife's position)?

At the very least, I won't have to worry about having a vacant property. Despite the current climate of fear being generated by the media and politicians, my properties remain rented out and my cash flow situation seems stable.

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