Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Realtors aren't so great

I've kicked myself for not putting my houses with a professional Realtor, but now realize a Realtor is not a panacea.

I've had my rehab house with a Realtor for 50 days now and here are the results:
  • 2 showings
  • no flyer box despite repeated requests
  • one open house last Sunday without my agent - no advertisements were made at all for the open house, no signs were put up in advance, no mention in the MLS and it was only open 1 hour. Not surprisingly only 4 people showed up
  • no magazine advertisements.

I chose the top agency in this area and asked for a top agent. I got garbage. Last night I fired the agent and demanded the #1 seller or else I was going to change agencies.

I was getting 10-15 showings a week when I was doing FSBO using just street signs. I read all this great hype about what agents can do but don't see it.

Maybe I should kick myself instead for using an agent

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